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"I relapsed"

— the hardest words for someone to say (don’t be an asshole if they say it to you)  (via writergirl-11)

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Anonymous asked "How was your date?"


Well after I finished my kids menu chicken fingers he looked at me and said wow someone was hungry and it crushed me

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2: Food. Breakfast was the usual eggs, ham and cheese.

Lunch was a small salad with an empanada and banana.

Dinner was a tablespoon of peanut butter and small banana sandwich on a bagel thin with 7 pineapple chunk pieces.

Then I binged because I’m fat and had 130 calories worth of the little sweet crackers..

1: Dinner. Apple slices. 6 inch flatbread sandwich of Black Forest ham, veggies and a diet Pepsi.

I just like diet Pepsi and Coke. It’s not a diet thing.

sweetmiserysweet asked "Stop! You're not even fat"

But I really am! I’ve gained like 3 pounds more than I already was and I’m just.. Ugh. I can’t even.

Anonymous asked "I'm proud of you for working to achieve your goals, but your negative posts are self defeating and they won't help you get there... I'm very supportive of you going towards goals, as long as you do it healthily. I'm proud of you no matter what though"

I’ve tried the positive way and it feels even more defeating when I can’t do it.. I wish you could be in my mind. It’s frustrating.. I appreciate your support though.

1: Lunch. 3 oz of grilled chicken with a few pieces of grilled red and green pepper.

Blueberry tea.

1: Breakfast. Two scrambled eggs with ham and a some shredded cheese.

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